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Get Details About Various Automotive Issues & Their Solutions

Mercedes Check Engine Light

How to Deal with a Glow Plug Timer Relay Failure in a Mercedes

Posted on November 10, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Glow plugs in your Mercedes are beneficial for generating the heat and power necessary to keep your engine running. As you can imagine, if your glow plug timer relay fails in your Mercedes, it could mean you’ll have some problems driving it and keeping it running, altogether. More than likely, you’ll sense an issue with your glow plug timer…

BMW Engine Stalling

Where to Go in Rowlett to Repair the VANOS System in BMW Models

Posted on October 24, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

BMW’s have a brand-specific VANOS system, which is a variable valve timing system that allows for electronic and automatic adjustments. As an ode to manual timing done by hand historically, the VANOS system of BMW models controls the intake position and exhaust camshafts via oil pressure. A gear on the VANOS actuator and camshaft is used to get this task…

Volvo AC System

Ways to Detect an HVAC Compressor Failure in Your Volvo

Posted on October 7, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

If Volvo is your car of choice, you already know that they come with an exceptional design and are a very reliable brand. While your Volvo is known for its performance, it’s also known for frequent failing HVAC Compressors. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your AC in the heat of summer or feeling a scorching blast of hot air…

Audi Engine Misfire

The Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix Engine Misfiring Issues in Your Audi

Posted on September 20, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Audi’s sleek designs, innovative performance, and constant technological advancement have made the brand one of the most popular car brands. The owners can testify to the exhilarating driving experience the brand delivers. Maintaining such a driving experience and the luxury the brand offers require quality service. One problem that owners of Audi have occasionally encountered is engine misfiring. Engine misfiring

Volkswagen Check Engine Light

How to Deal with a Defective Timing Chain in a Volkswagen

Posted on September 4, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Every vehicle that is manufactured has either a timing chain or a timing belt that makes sure that your vehicle is running as designed. Some models of Volkswagens have had their timing chains fail before the recommended time to replace it. Owner’s may not have been aware of warning signs, so let’s dive deeper into the importance of your VW’s…

Porsche Oxygen Sensor

Things to Look for if You Suspect an Oxygen Sensor Failure in Your Porsche

Posted on August 19, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

As Porsche drivers know, the brand creates luxury performance cars which require a certain level of maintenance to operate at full power. Tools and indicators, such as the oxygen sensor, help your Porsche to run at its full potential. The O2 sensor takes periodic readings from the vehicle’s exhaust to ensure that the amount of oxygen in the exhaust stream…

Land Rover Parking Brake

The Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix a Parking Brake Failure in Your Land Rover

Posted on August 3, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Though you may not think about it often, the parking brake is a vital part of the safety system in your car. Most drivers think it should only be used for emergencies or when parking on a hill. But in fact, it should be used every time you park, whether it’s on a steep incline, a flat surface, or somewhere…

BMW Engine Stalling

The Leading Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix Vacuum Hose Leaks in a BMW

Posted on July 18, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

One common issue found in BMW vehicles are leaks in the vacuum hose. This is not too serious of a problem, but it should be addressed quickly all the same. This article will detail what the vacuum hose is and how to tell when there’s a leak in this part of your car. The vacuum hose is an important…

Jaguar Unresponsive Brake

Signs of a Failed ABS Accumulator in Your Jaguar

Posted on July 2, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Jaguar models are high-performance luxury vehicles with innovative technology and a sleek, stylish design. If you are the owner of a Jaguar or are looking into purchasing one, you are probably familiar with their excellent speed capabilities as well. As a Jaguar owner, you want to ensure that your vehicle is in top condition for its best performance and its…


Why Your BMW’s Adaptive Headlight Must Be Kept in Good Order

Posted on June 16, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

BMWs are known for their exceptional performance and smooth driving experience. However, your vehicle’s performance may be compromised if you do not ensure that your adaptive headlights are in good working condition. As an owner of a BMW, it is crucial that you understand the importance of your adaptive headlights and how if not properly serviced they can malfunction and…

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