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Consequences of a BMW’s High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure from Certified Mechanics in Rowlett

Posted on September 23, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser
BMW High-Pressure Fuel Pump

BMW vehicles are designed to last but factors like age and lack of maintenance may cause the high-pressure fuel pump to fail. This component is responsible for injecting fuel into the engine to start the combustion process.

The high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP) is located in the fuel tank of your BMW, and it pumps fuel into the fuel injectors, from where it mixes with oxygen to make combustion possible in the engine. Without this pump, the combustion process would fail to occur.

Symptoms of Failing High-Pressure Fuel Pump in BMW

The following are some of the symptoms of a failing HPFP in BMW:

  • Bad acceleration: If you notice that your BMW stalls or sputters as you raise engine speed, then the fuel pump might malfunction. The fuel pump may also be the reason why your car is not accelerating smoothly, particularly while climbing hills or towing big loads.
  • Stalling of Engine: Stalling of the engine is caused by a low gas flow to the engine block when the high-pressure fuel pump fails. The risk of the engine stalling out increases.
  • Activation of Limp Mode: To safeguard the driver and the engine from injury when the pump fails, your BMW may activate this safety feature. This mode allows you to travel to a car service center at modest speeds by restricting many features to prevent further, more costly damage to your vehicle.
  • Difficulty in Starting the Engine: If this occurs, it might be because the high-pressure fuel pump has entirely stopped functioning. This would be the worst case scenario.
  • Sudden Surges: A surge is what happens when your BMW accelerates unexpectedly while you are not pressing the pedal. It could be the result of a high-pressure fuel pump failure. This can be very risky, so have a mechanic look at your car right now.

Causes of HPFP Failure in BMW

  • Erratic Fuel Delivery to the Engine: The fuel pump system’s inability to provide the engine with enough fuel or fuel delivered at improper pressure can prevent it from maintaining engine combustion. In the end, this causes the engine to fail, either by stalling or by not starting at all.
  • Declining Fuel Pump: One of the telltale indicators of this is acceleration which sounds like it is sputtering. Instead of hesitating, the car will quickly accelerate as though the gas pedal had been depressed. This occurs because as the gasoline pump system matures, some components may function more quickly than others or be in good condition overall. Irregular engine pressures can cause unexpected increases in speed.
  • Fuel pump relief valve open: By opening and shutting as needed, this valve is meant to contribute to the regulation of fuel pressure. If this valve fails, i.e., the valve remains open, the engine will get an excessive amount of gasoline, reducing fuel economy and reducing levels of pressure inside the fuel injector.

Ways of Preventing High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure in BMW

It is expected that the high-pressure fuel pump would last for around 120,000 miles or about ten years. Unfortunately, as time passes, this issue will only get worse. However, there are a few factors that may increase the lifespan of the HPFP:

Regularly change your oil

Since symptoms are often difficult to notice right away, many individuals try to postpone getting their oil changed. However, neglecting to replace your oil properly will eventually lead to the deterioration of your fuel pump.

Lack of lubrication from adequate oil levels produces friction in important systems, resulting in fuel pump damage and maintenance needs. A decrease in oil lubrication can also cause the temperature to increase, which might cause the motor of the fuel pump to become resistant and finally cause the system to fail.

Avoid depleting your petrol tank

Running the gasoline tank low is another typical practice that might harm the fuel pump permanently. Lack of fuel in the tank may look like a small maintenance issue, but it can cause the fuel pump to overheat and lose functioning.

Additionally, the weight of the gasoline plays a crucial role in the fuel system’s capacity to transfer fuel from the tank to the engine; therefore, insufficient fuel will compromise its operation.

Take note of the quality of the gasoline

Your vehicle’s longevity and important systems are affected by the gasoline you use, so try to always choose a high quality brand.

Contact Rowlett Motorwerks to Fix a Failed High-Pressure Pump

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