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Silver Audi A3 Car

How To Choose The Best Audi Replacement Parts In Rowlett?

Posted on February 14, 2024 by rowlettmotwpuser

If you’ve ever looked up replacement parts for your Audi online, you know there are quite a few to choose from. There are a ton of brands producing parts, and often several value levels within a single brand. How are you supposed to know which part will work best for your car without overtaxing your wallet? Thankfully, there are some…

OEM Audi Parts

Everything You Need To Know About OEM Audi Parts

Posted on August 11, 2023 by rowlettmotwpuser

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your Audi, the quality of the parts you use is crucial to your car’s overall performance and longevity. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are often considered the gold standard in the automotive industry. What are OEM parts? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are components that are produced by the same manufacturer that originally…

Audi Illuminated Check Engine Light

Properly Diagnosing an Audi’s Check Engine Light in Rowlett

Posted on March 28, 2023 by rowlettmotwpuser

The check engine light is a crucial indicator that serves as an early warning sign of potential problems with your Audi’s engine. It is important to understand that the check engine light is not simply a nuisance that can be ignored like in years past. It is now a sophisticated warning signal that alerts you to issues that could cause…

Audi ABS Warning Light

How to Identify an Audi’s ABS Speed Sensor Failure in Rowlett

Posted on January 20, 2023 by rowlettmotwpuser

The term “wheel speed sensor” (WSS) or “vehicle speed sensor“ (VSS) refers to a specific type of tachometer. It is a sender tool used to gauge a vehicle’s wheel rotational speeds. Audis typically have speed sensors at every wheel hub, which detect each wheel’s speed and send the data to the ABS control unit. The anti-lock braking system, or ABS,…

Audi Engine Misfire

The Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix Engine Misfiring Issues in Your Audi

Posted on September 20, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Audi’s sleek designs, innovative performance, and constant technological advancement have made the brand one of the most popular car brands. The owners can testify to the exhilarating driving experience the brand delivers. Maintaining such a driving experience and the luxury the brand offers require quality service. One problem that owners of Audi have occasionally encountered is engine misfiring. Engine misfiring

Audi A7 Tail Light

Common Reasons Behind Erratic Lights in Your Audi From Certified Mechanics in Rowlett

Posted on May 31, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

The Audi is a popular luxury vehicle with many visual and technical perks. Known for their advanced engineering, technological advancements, and performance, Audis are a car other brands strive to resemble. Though Audi is a reliable and enduring type of car, issues still inevitably come up with wear and tear of the vehicle. One common problem that often arises with…

Audi Activated Check Engine Light

Activated Check Engine Light In Audi: What It Means

Posted on April 28, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

When your Audi has detected a problem within its onboard diagnostics system, it will illuminate the check engine light in your dash. Every Audi was designed to include a high-tech performance monitoring system with a computer and a series of sensors throughout the vehicle. If the control unit detects that the data is out of factory specifications in any way,…

Audi Shaky Steering Wheel

Common Reasons for a Shaky Steering Wheel in Your Audi in Rowlett

Posted on October 13, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser

Audis are well-loved by luxury car enthusiasts because of the power and control drivers experience with this brand of vehicles. However, a shaky steering wheel can diminish that control considerably and make driving these beloved vehicles unsafe. Luxury cars were meant to be taken on the road and enjoyed, and that can only be done once getting behind the wheel…

Audi Check Engine Light

Reducing Leaks in Your Audi’s Camshaft Tensioner

Posted on July 12, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser

The camshaft tensioner in your Audi is responsible for ensuring that all the belts under the hood have the proper tension and are being held tight. Although the camshaft tensioner is responsible for all the belts, the main concerns are the serpentine and timing belts. In order to function properly, the camshaft tensioner must get oil from the engine. This…

Audi Timing Chain

The Best Service Center in Rowlett for Solving Timing Chain Failure in Your Audi

Posted on April 25, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser

Even though one of the most essential parts of any vehicle is the timing chain, Audi has a history of early timing chain failure in their models. In 2018, as a member of Volkswagen Groups, Audi recalled thousands of their vehicles due to timing chain failure, and a lawsuit was filed against VW and Audi. As an Audi owner, you…

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