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How to Identify an Audi’s ABS Speed Sensor Failure in Rowlett

Posted on January 20, 2023 by rowlettmotwpuser
Audi ABS Warning Light

The term “wheel speed sensor(WSS) or “vehicle speed sensor (VSS) refers to a specific type of tachometer. It is a sender tool used to gauge a vehicle’s wheel rotational speeds. Audis typically have speed sensors at every wheel hub, which detect each wheel’s speed and send the data to the ABS control unit.

The anti-lock braking system, or ABS, is a safety device in Audi vehicles that keeps the wheels from locking up while applying the brakes. These speed sensors have two parts: an axle-mounted reluctor wheel or tone ring that rotates with the wheel, and a magnetic or hall effect sensor that transmits the information to the ABS control module.

How does the ABS sensor work?

  • The ABS sensor keeps track of the wheel’s rotation and speed to maximize traction and brake control. As a result, the driver can avoid obstructions by maintaining steerability and directional stability even when braking firmly.
  • When and how much pressure the ABS should appropriately apply to stop the vehicle without locking the brakes are determined by the wheel speed data.
  • The ABS control unit also transmits the wheel speed data through data lines to other systems, such as the engine, transmission, navigation, and chassis control systems.

Why do ABS sensors stop working?

Several factors can damage ABS sensors:

  • One is the buildup of dirt and debris on the sensor or interface. The sensor is installed in a relatively exposed location, which makes this possible over time, primarily if you reside in a place with a lot of dirt or dust.
  • Corrosion is another potential outcome that may happen if water enters the system.
  • Additionally, the sensor itself may sustain physical harm and stop working.

Breaks in wiring or sensor wrapping due to extreme vibration, a more significant gap for the wheel bearings, short circuits within, and damage caused by changing other brake parts are some more prevalent causes of failure.

What to watch out for in an ABS sensor that is failing

A defective ABS sensor will affect several crucial braking processes and will manifest specific clear warning indications, such as:

  • A faulty wheel speed sensor sets off the ABS light: As previously mentioned, an ABS sensor is located at each wheel hub on Audi vehicles. This sensor measures the wheel speed and sends the data to the ABS control unit. The ABS light in the display unit turns on if a sensor suffers a fault and transmits speed information that is incorrect or missing.
  • Bad connector or a damaged wire in the speed sensor: The sensor in your Audi may be working correctly, but a frayed wire or rusted connector is cutting off the transmission. The afflicted sensor’s cabling and connectors should be physically examined for corrosion or evidence of damage before the sensor is replaced.
  • Less stability in snowy or wet circumstances: An ABS that is working effectively will reduce any traction loss, especially in icy and wet conditions. The ABS is not functioning correctly if you experience tire skidding or traction loss while driving on snowy or wet roads for more than a short period when stopping or starting.
  • Reduced stopping power when braking hard: When braking hard, the ABS ought to automatically engage to help the car slow down. Traction loss and skidding ought to be at a minimum. While it’s best to prevent situations requiring hard braking through routine driving behaviors, if you discover that the car is stopping more slowly in certain circumstances or is losing traction and skidding, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the system.

When an ABS sensor fails, can you still drive?

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) in your car won’t function properly if your ABS sensor is broken. Although it’s not advised, it is possible to drive with a damaged ABS sensor. Driving should always be done with safety in mind; therefore, if you have a malfunctioning ABS sensor, it’s better to replace it immediately.

Where To Find Assistance

New versions are continuously being developed and enhanced with new features as technology advances. Audi ABS Speed Sensor To take proper vehicle maintenance and maintain the performance you depend on, you must locate mechanics you can trust. The highly skilled repairers at Rowlett Motorwerks are here for drivers around the Rowlett region.

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