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BMW High-Pressure Fuel Pump

Consequences of a BMW’s High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure from Certified Mechanics in Rowlett

Posted on September 23, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

BMW vehicles are designed to last but factors like age and lack of maintenance may cause the high-pressure fuel pump to fail. This component is responsible for injecting fuel into the engine to start the combustion process. The high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP) is located in the fuel tank of your BMW, and it pumps fuel into the fuel injectors, from…

Porsche Fuel Efficiency Decrease

Signs Associated with Porsche Fuel Pump Leaks

Posted on September 6, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

A Porsche fuel pump is responsible for delivering gasoline from the tank to the engine. Porsche vehicles are equipped with an electric fuel pump, which is located in the gas tank. The fuel pump is usually located near the bottom of the tank in order to ensure that the pump can always draw gasoline, even when the vehicle is low…

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