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Warning Signs of a Failing Cooling Fan Module in Your Volvo

Posted on November 13, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser
Hot Volvo Cabin

Volvos are known to be safe and reliable vehicles, but that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to mechanical problems. Issues with your car’s cooling system range from minor to severe, and if they’re ignored, they can result in major damage. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of cooling system problems so that you can address them quickly.

Many Volvo owners have reported concerns about the cooling fan module in their vehicle, despite the manufacturer’s reputation for quality. Cooling fan module failure can result in engine damage, so it’s extremely important to bring your Volvo to a qualified mechanic if you suspect this type of problem.

The Importance of the Cooling Fan Module

The cooling fan module serves a couple of functions. First, this mechanism controls the blower (or fan) that circulates air into your Volvo’s cabin. Whenever your air conditioner is running, the cooling fan module is what tells the A/C to direct fresh, cooled air into the vehicle.

Additionally, and possibly even more importantly, the cooling fan module also controls the fans that are located underneath the hood of your Volvo, near the radiator. Whenever the engine temperature becomes too high, the cooling fan module circulates air under the hood to protect your Volvo’s components.

Because the cooling fan module is what ensures that your Volvo doesn’t overheat, it’s an essential part of your car’s mechanical system. Because of this, it’s really important to be aware of potential problems so that you can bring the car to a qualified service center.

Signs of Cooling Fan Module Failure in Volvos

Problems with your vehicle’s cooling system can be scary, especially since overheating your engine can cause permanent, irreparable damage. The good news is that many of the signs of cooling fan module failure are easily noticeable and can alert you to the problem sooner.

The most obvious and noticeable sign of cooling fan module failure is a hot, stuffy cabin. If you notice that fresh, cool air is not flowing into your vehicle, there may be a problem with the cooling fan module.

The second biggest indicator of a cooling fan module issue is overheating. This can occur when the engine fans do not come on at all, indicating total failure of the cooling fan module, or if they are not coming on often enough or otherwise aren’t regulating the engine temp. This would indicate a weak or faulty cooling fan module, which you would need to get checked out as soon as possible.

On the other hand, you may notice that your fans are running constantly. This may continue even after the engine has been cooled to the appropriate temperature or the air inside your cabin is comfortable.

If the fans continue to run when they’re not needed or if they continue to run after you’ve shut off your vehicle, it’s an indication that the cooling fan module may be in the early stages of failure.

Causes of a Cooling Fan Module Failure

The cooling fan module is running most of the time in order to regulate your Volvo’s engine temperature and also to keep the air circulating inside your vehicle’s cabin. Like any car component that gets a lot of use, it’s susceptible to damage due to wear and tear.

The cooling fan module is part of your Volvo’s electrical system as well. Faulty wires or a damaged temperature sensor could prevent your cooling fan module from being able to communicate with the rest of the vehicle, causing problems with the fans running when they should.

These problems are especially common during the summer months, when temperatures are rising and putting more strain on your Volvo’s cooling system.

Routine service and preventative maintenance are the best ways to keep your cooling system in tip-top shape and ensure that your Volvo’s engine is running efficiently year round.

Rowlett Motorwerks of Rowlett Will Help

Our skilled service technicians at Rowlett Motorwerks will be able to quickly diagnose Volvo Cooling Fan Module Check your Volvo’s cooling fan module failure or any other problems in your car’s cooling system.

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