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Get Details About Various Automotive Issues & Their Solutions

Mercedes Vacuum Door Lock

The Most Sought-After Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix a Vacuum Door Lock Failure in a Mercedes

Posted on May 16, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

When people think of the Mercedes brand, they think of reliability and luxury, but as with any vehicle, they do have some problems, and one of these is vacuum door lock failure. It can be frustrating for any car owner when something starts to go wrong in their car, but for Mercedes owners, it is even more frustrating, as…

Volvo XC60 Car

Common Signs Associated with a Dashboard Failure in Your Volvo

Posted on April 29, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

Over time, wear and tear can cause dashboard components to deteriorate and malfunction. When this happens, you’ll notice a variety of signs that indicate that something isn’t right. If you have a Volvo, it’s important to understand some of the signs associated with dashboard failure. Knowing what they are will enable you to recognize them when they occur and…

Volkswagen Car

Tips to Prevent Oil Sludge Buildup in Your Volkswagen

Posted on April 12, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

Oil sludge buildup is not an uncommon problem with the Volkswagens. Though Volkswagen is a great car model, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its peculiarities when it comes to car faults, and one of such is oil sludge build-up. An oil sludge buildup in the engine of a car is no small issue and could be…

Land Rover Starting Problem

Where to Take Your Land Rover to Replace the Fuel Pump in Rowlett

Posted on March 26, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

All vehicle engine systems require a continuous fuel supply from the fuel tank to keep them running. The fuel pump is a mechanism mechanically or electrically controlled and is responsible for delivering pressurized fuel to the fuel rail on the engine. The fuel pressure of your Land Rover must meet the requirements for regular engine operation. If the pressure is…

Mercedes Body Rust

Tips from Rowlett’s Experts to Avoid Body Rust in Your Mercedes

Posted on March 9, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

Rust on a premium vehicle, especially one as beautiful as a Mercedes-Benz, is never a good thing. While it is not as frequent as it once was, these high-end automobiles are not immune to the effects of rust. Steel that has been exposed to oxygen will rust at various rates, depending on the climate of the area as well as…

Jaguar Engine Vibration

Signs of a Faulty Crankshaft Pulley Bolt in a Jaguar

Posted on February 20, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

Jaguar, Land Rover, a British multinational automotive manufacturer founded in the United Kingdom in 1922, has been known to produce luxury vehicles that are built to be held to the highest standard. Jaguars may experience crankshaft pulley bolt issues which will result in several symptoms outlined later in this article. The crankshaft pulley is an important part that holds a…

Volvo Gear Shifting Difficulty

Signs of Transfer Case Failure in Your Volvo

Posted on February 3, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

Volvos are popularly known for their safety and reliability, but they can also encounter lots of problems if not maintained in a regular manner. Volvos have a very important part called a transfer case, which plays a big role in the vehicle’s drivetrain when it has a four-wheel drive or powered axles. It transfers power from the transmission to the…

Volkswagen ABS Warning Light

What to Do When the ABS Module Fails in your Volkswagen

Posted on January 17, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser

In modern-day vehicles, most of the units are controlled by an electrical system or technological component. New Volkswagen cars have been gradually adding more technological functions into their cars for some years now. Due to their dedication to making cars available to everyone, Volkswagen is referred to as trailblazers in the automobile industry, and adding safety technology is one of…

Land Rover Steering Issue

The Leading Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix a Steering Shaft Failure in a Land Rover

Posted on December 31, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

Land Rover has remained popular among drivers for decades because of its comfort as well as unrivaled performance on and off the road. The proper maintenance of the vehicle will no doubt help retain its high performance and ensure longevity. However, the vehicle becomes susceptible to wear and tear due to constant use. One such part that fails over time…

Porsche Driveshaft Support

Causes of a Driveshaft Support Failure in a Porsche from Certified Mechanics in Rowlett

Posted on December 14, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser

The driveshaft is critical to the performance of your Porsche. Immense power is created by your car’s engine through various processes of combustion. However, it is of no use if it is not transferred to the wheels. The driveshaft is connected to the sections of the drivetrain that help to conduct torque and rotation. It is a long cylindrical tube…

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