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Common Warning Signs of a Failing Oil Pump in a Volvo

Posted on June 17, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser
Volvo Engine Temperature Warning

Have you ever considered the most important fluid your vehicle needs to function properly? The first thing you may think about is the gasoline. While it is a necessary fluid, one equally as important to the engine is oil.

Engine oil is an essential component of a working engine. An oil pump is required for the engine oil to do its work effectively, so if your Volvo has issues with the oil pump, this could be detrimental to the engine, and it will need to be fixed immediately. Let’s look at the function of the oil pump and the symptoms of a damaged unit.

The Oil Pump

The engine operates by the combustion process and uses fuel to achieve this. The combustion reaction in your Volvo generates energy that allows the engine to run. There are several moving parts that brush against each other when the engine is running, and this metal-on-metal collision would undoubtedly harm the engine unless lubricated with oil.

Engine oil is used to ensure that your engine receives the same level of comfort and ease as it functions. Keeping engine oil in a single location, however, is pointless. As a result, a pump is needed to move it around the engine block so that it greases the metallic components inside the engine as it passes through the engine block.

How Does Oil Pump Function?

Previously, lubricants were applied to the engine by hand every so often. We now have a pump that circulates engine oil all through the engine. The oil pump system is made up of several components and they must all work together to complete the mechanism. The pump draws oil from the oil pan and then pushes it through a series of channels in the engine. The pump provides sufficient power for the oil to flow around the engine and back to its initial position.

Sensors are located throughout the oil pump, and these monitor the volume of oil-injected as well as the pressure at which it is flowing. This information is sent to the computer which will notify you if something is wrong.

A pressure valve keeps the pressure constant. Although oil pressure is required to complete a loop through the engine, too much of it might harm the engine. Therefore, as the pressure rises, the pressure valve opens, releasing the pressure.

What are the symptoms of a bad oil pump?

As you may already be aware, engine oil has a plethora of advantages. It is a necessary element for the engine to perform properly. No matter how much oil you add, it is useless until the oil pump works.

You may wonder how you can know if your oil pump isn’t working properly. You must first understand the signs of a failed oil pump. If you recall these signs, you should be able to recognize an oil pump failure as soon as it occurs. As a result, your engine is protected from further harm caused by a failing oil pump.

  • Low Oil Pressure: When the oil pressure warning light illuminates, you may have the urge to top off your oil and hope the problem resolves. However, if you’ve checked the oil and it’s not low, the problem is most likely with the oil pump and its lack of pressure, not the level of oil.
  • High Oil Pressure: In the same way that a faulty pump may result in low oil pressure, it can also cause high oil pressure. This occurs when the pressure release valve fails. The fluid pressure will steadily build if the pressure is not regulated.
  • High Engine Temperature: The engine oil does not only lubricate the metal component but also serves as a coolant. The engine oil helps to reduce the heat conduction between metal components when it circulates. If the oil pump malfunctions, there won’t be oil circulation and the oil would not be there to reduce engine overheating.

We Will Replace Your Oil Pump

Rowlett Motorwerks is your reliable auto repair shop! We utilize ASE-certified staff who are committed Volvo Oil Pump Replacement to offering customers the best service possible. We have been serving Volvo car owners in Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie, and Rowlett, TX for years. Our team of experts has the experience and skills required to accurately diagnose your car problems. Furthermore, we are knowledgeable about your Volvo maintenance requirements and we can collaborate with you to set up routine maintenance for your car. We look forward to helping you get your car back to its maximum functionality. Visit our shop today or call us now to book an appointment.

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