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If Your Jaguar is Leaking Coolant, Fix It With Us in Rowlett!

Posted on August 4, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser
Jaguar Coolant Low Warning

Although all mechanical parts have the potential to fail, they are even further influenced by driving habits. Jaguar vehicles are also susceptible to coolant leaks, which tend to affect the engine performance and, if left unattended, could ultimately damage the engine.

The vehicle coolant is contained in a reservoir and is an essential component in your Jaguar’s cooling system. It regulates the engine operating temperature by absorbing the engine heat. Oftentimes, coolant leaks result from a compromise in the engine cooling system, leaving the engine without any means of regulating the temperature.

The great news about coolant leaks is that it has apparent symptoms that alert the driver to the situation. Keep reading as we discuss the causes and symptoms of coolant leaks in your Jaguar.

Causes of Coolant Leaks

The following are the most common causes of coolant leaks in your Jaguar automobile.

Hole in the radiator

This is one of the most common causes of coolant leaks in your vehicle. Corrosion and the long-term presence of moisture or debris could compromise the radiator’s structural integrity, leading to the development of holes allowing coolant to seep out of the system.

Also, the seal between the tank and radiator or the connecting hoses may experience wear and tear associated with an extended period of use. Consequently, the compromise of the cooling system could facilitate coolant leaks.

A blown head gasket

The head gasket seals off the engine combustion chamber and prevents the oil from mixing with the coolant. However, the head gasket may get damaged due to overheating, allowing coolant seep out from the cooling system or, worse, mix with oil.

Failed water pump

The water pump plays an essential role in the circulation of the coolant through the cooling system. The failure of the pump means that it cannot play its role. However, if the failure was due to a broken or cracked pump, you will have coolant leaking out of the pump.

Defective expansion tank

The expansion tank is a plastic container located next to the car engine. This plastic container holds the coolant and connects to the radiator with a hose. The function of this small tank is to feed the coolant to the radiator to perform its function. Over time, the plastic and the connecting hose deteriorate and become weak. Thus, this may cause cracks and holes in the expansion tank, leading to coolant leaks.

Symptoms Of Coolant Leaks

Coolant leaks affect the engine cooling cycle, which could eventually lead to overheating. Hence, knowing the symptoms to watch out for could make a significant difference:

  • Overheating: This is one of the main symptoms of coolant leaks. As noted earlier, the main aim of the coolant is to prevent the engine from overheating. Thus, when you notice the constant overheating of your car, even after short commutes, you need to check for a possible coolant leak.
  • Coolant temperature warning light: Your Jaguar automobile comes with a coolant warning light alongside other warning lights. Hence, whenever your car’s coolant level drops low, you will notice the glowing coolant light, which depicts low coolant levels. If this warning light pops up frequently despite regular coolant changes, it is a clear sign of coolant leaks.
  • Puddle of coolant: If you notice a puddle of coolant underneath your vehicle after parking for a while, it indicates a possible coolant leak. Although coolant colors are known to be green, the color has since changed, and are now pink, red, blue, green, or yellow depending on the formula. This is done on purpose to be easy to spot if there is a leak.

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