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Where to Fix Your Mercedes’s Broken Engine Mounts in Rowlett

Posted on May 27, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser
Mercedes Broken Engine Mount

Engine mounts are designed to absorb the motion and vibration of the motor and keep the engine and transmission attached to the chassis. Your Mercedes’s engine mounts will wear down over time as a result of the amount of power created in the engine. This article will cover how your engine mounts work, how to spot if they’ve broken, and where to get them fixed.

How the Engine Mounts Work

Your Mercedes has 2 mounts below the engine to keep it in place and one below the transmission. These serve to hold the engine in place and prevent feeling any vibration within the car.

The engine mounts are made of rubber so that metal doesn’t make contact with other pieces of metal, and in a Mercedes, they are filled with hydraulic fluid. A few of the common problems with engine mounts are described in the next section.

Engine Mount Problems

Engine mounts are designed to have a long lifetime, often for the entire length of the car. There isn’t much that can be done to prevent their wearing down, because they aren’t supposed to be serviced or maintained.

Sometimes, the rubber part of the engine mount will separate from the metal, which is one of the common problems associated with engine mounts. When this happens, the mount can’t properly absorb all the impact from the engine.

Another problem that may occur is a leak of fluid from the engine mount. The hydraulic fluid may leak out of a tear or rip in the rubber engine mount. This will prevent the mount from functioning properly, so you may notice some of the symptoms outlined in the next paragraph.

Common Symptoms

There are a few ways that you may notice a broken engine mount during your drive. Some of the more common symptoms are listed here:

Increased Vibration

When driving down the street, if you notice that your Mercedes is shaking or vibrating abnormally, it could be the case that its engine mounts are broken. This phenomenon may be more noticeable when stopped or at idle. This symptom is pretty easy to spot, and it’s also annoying if it goes on for too long.

Increased Engine Noise

Loud noise coming from the engine is also a potential sign of a broken engine mount. This may sound like rattling or a clanking sound, as different parts of the engine move around more than they are supposed to.

Leaky Fluid

The hydraulic fluid may leak out of the engine mounts as a result of their failure. You may see this fluid on the ground underneath your car. You’ll want to further inspect and confirm that the fluid is indeed from the engine mount and not another part of your engine with fluid in it, like the transmission.

Visible Signs

Apart from leaking liquid, other signs that you can spot include tears to the rubber on the engine mount. If you are doing work on the bottom side of your vehicle and notice this, it’s recommended to address the issue quickly.

Where to Get it Fixed

When one of the engine mounts in your Mercedes breaks, more of the stress from the engine will be put upon the other two engine mounts, making them more prone to breaking. In order to save you money and keep your car in good shape, action should be taken quickly.

It is possible to fix a broken engine mount on your own, but this project is not for the faint of heart. We recommend that this job be done by a trusted mechanic for reasons of safety, as the engine needs to be supported from underneath when replacing the engine mount.

There are numerous mechanic shops that will be able to replace your car’s engine mounts, but a shop that specializes in European vehicles will be able to offer the most accurate and reliable service.

Mercedes Broken Engine Mount Fix

Rowlett Motorwerks Is the Best Place to Fix Broken Engine Mounts

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