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What to Do When the ABS Module Fails in your Volkswagen

Posted on January 17, 2022 by rowlettmotwpuser
Volkswagen ABS Warning Light

In modern-day vehicles, most of the units are controlled by an electrical system or technological component. New Volkswagen cars have been gradually adding more technological functions into their cars for some years now. Due to their dedication to making cars available to everyone, Volkswagen is referred to as trailblazers in the automobile industry, and adding safety technology is one of their trusted features.

It is also normal for the technological and mechanical components of your Volkswagen to fail after being used over time. The ABS module is one of the most common technological parts to become faulty. A faulty ABS module will affect the performance of your vehicle and the safety of the people in your car.

The Important Function of the ABS Module in your Volkswagen

The ABS module stands for Antilock Braking System module. It’s a component that has been added to new-generation vehicles. This unique module was designed to ensure that the vehicle can be effectively brought to a halt even when the brakes are applied suddenly. The ABS will reduce the speed in your wheels quickly without skidding or hydroplaning.

The ABS module is made of up different internal components including multiple sensors on each wheel. These sensors make adjustments to the braking system, depending on how fast the vehicle was going. A faulty ABS module may be due to a bad internal component, sensor, or electrical fault. When this happens, contact a Volkswagen technician to take a look at your vehicle in order to keep you safe on the roads.

Symptoms of a Faulty ABS Module

To have an accurate diagnosis of the working condition of your vehicle’s ABS, you need to be aware of its present working condition. Brakes determine the safety of your car to a great extent. A malfunctioning ABS module should be treated with seriousness.

It’s possible to detect faults in your anti-lock braking system. The important thing is knowing the symptoms to look out for:

  • ABS Lights: Different systems have been put in place to warn drivers of an underlying condition in their vehicle. The ABS also comes with its warning system that will appear on your dashboard: ABS warning lights. In a similar manner to the oil light or check engine light, the ABS light will come on to indicate that the module is not working optimally. It’s a clear sign for the driver and automotive technician to check for a fault.
  • The Feel of the Brake Pedal: If the brake pedal of your Volkswagen car is feeling softer to press than usual or is not responding quickly, then the chances are high that there is a problem with your ABS module.

Brake Behavior and Performance

When the ABS module of your car becomes faulty, it can be noticed in the car’s braking performance. A faulty module could lead to erratic braking behavior such as locked up brakes, which can take the steering control away from you if your car is locked up, skidding one position. The ABS allows traction control, and this series of fast-acting brake pumping provided by the ABS allows the driver to maintain more control of steering during an extreme braking event.

Ways to Prevent an ABS Module Failure

Volkswagen wants to keep people safe on the road, so the manufacturer has written out specific maintenance instructions to help you look after this unit. Following the designated maintenance routine will help prevent sudden breakdown but it’s not enough. You need the services of a Volkswagen specialist that is aware of your car’s performance and surrounding driving conditions. They will help you frequently inspect and monitor your ABS module to keep it in good shape for many years. Finding a qualified Volkswagen specialist to work with should be your priority.

Rowlett Motorwerks: The Volkswagen Specialists

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