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What Causes Volvo Camshaft Position Sensor Failure

Posted on March 19, 2024 by rowlettmotwpuser
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Are you wondering what the Camshaft Position Sensor in your Volvo does and why it fails? Let’s take a closer look at why this sensor might call it quits and where you should take it to restore your smooth driving experience.

How Does the Camshaft Position Sensor Work In Volvo?

The camshaft position sensor’s job is to keep track of one of the engine’s main parts, the camshaft, which helps open and close the valves for air and fuel to mix and power the car.

The sensor watches the camshaft’s speed and position and tells the engine’s computer all about it. With this info, the computer can make sure everything in the engine is working together perfectly, like making sure the fuel and air mix just right and that the spark plugs fire at the best time.

What Makes Camshaft Position Sensors Fail?

Electrical Issues

If there’s an issue in your Volvo electrical system, like a wire getting damaged, connections loosening up, or parts getting rusty, it can cause problems in the functionality of your car. This can affect how the camshaft position sensor, which needs to tell the engine’s brain (the ECU) what’s going on, does its job. If the ECU gets the wrong info or none at all because of a broken electrical signal —the result might not be what you expected, and your car’s engine might not run perfectly.

Mechanical Damage

The camshaft position sensor lives right in the heart of your engine’s hustle and bustle, so it is exposed to a tough life. It can get knocked around by the engine shaking, cooked by the heat, or even hit by bits of debris. Over time, it might crack or break. If the sensor’s housing gets damaged, it will impact its ability to keep tabs on the camshaft’s moves.

Oil Contamination

Engine oil is great for keeping things running smoothly, but it is not supposed to get to every component. If engine oil leaks and starts rubbing on your camshaft position sensor because of a bad gasket or seal, it’s bad news. The oil can wear down the sensor’s parts, making them corrode, erode, or just fall apart over time. Also, if oil builds up around the sensor, it can block the signals it’s trying to send.

Sensor Wear

Just like every other car part that gets used a lot, the camshaft position sensor can get worn out over time. Since this sensor is inside your car’s engine it has to deal with lots of heat, temperature changes, and shaking. Over time, these things can make the sensor’s electronic parts start to break down. When it is not in top shape, it might not be able to tell how the camshaft is moving correctly, which can affect your car’s performance or even cause big problems.

Timing Trouble

The camshaft position sensor and the parts that help your engine keep time, like the timing belt or chain, have to work perfectly together. But if the timing belt or chain has problems—like it’s worn out, too loose, or not in the right place—it can affect how the camshaft moves. This can throw off the sensor, making it give wrong information about where the camshaft is.

Excess Mileage

Driving your Volvo a lot over the years is another thing that can wear out the camshaft position sensor. The more miles you add, the more it can wear down the sensor, making it less reliable. Eventually, after lots of use and facing all the challenges thrown at it, the sensor might need to be replaced to keep your engine running right.

Take Your Volvo To Rowlett Motorwerks To Restore Its Performance

At Rowlett Motorwerks, Volvo Camshaft Position Sensor Check we’re committed to looking after your car, whether it’s a European, Domestic, or Asia brand. Our garage in Rowlett, TX, is fitted with all the tools and tech we need to fix up Volvos. We are also a stone’s throw away for drivers in Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, and Wylie, TX.

If you suspect something is not right with your Volvo’s camshaft position sensor or anything else, our team has the skills to check it out and get it fixed. Just give us a call or drop by and see what makes us stand out!

* White Volvo SUV image credit goes to: Wirestock.

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