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Ways to Deal With Volvo Cooling Fan Module Failure in Rowlett

Posted on November 14, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser
Volvo AC System Not Working

As the owner of a vehicle as reliable as Volvo, keeping your car in proper working order should always be your number one goal. There are numerous parts under the hood of your car that work together to bring about the performance you love, but any of these parts having problems can result in issues that afflict the entire vehicle.

To that end, it’s always best to repair problems immediately upon noticing them, so that they do not become worse. One such problem that may arise is issues with the cooling fan module in your Volvo. Should you notice any issues arise with the cooling fan module, you should take your vehicle in right away so that the issue does not compound into something that is more difficult to fix.

How Does the Cooling Fan System Work?

As you may or may not know, the engine cooling fan is a crucial component under the hood of your car. This fan is designed to move air throughout the radiator when the vehicle is moving at a slower speed. Through this airflow, heat is able to be removed from the coolant under the hood.

This is extremely important as coolant that is too hot can cause your engine to overheat. The function of coolant is quite simple. Inside your engine are numerous tiny explosions constantly occurring that allow the pistons in your engine to fire and power to go to your wheels. This power allows your vehicle to drive at a normal rate of speed and smoothly. However, these explosions can make the engine quite hot and it needs to be cooled down.

Coolant is released into the engine bay whenever the engine is needing to be cooled off. As it circulates throughout the tubes around the engine, it absorbs the heat as it passes by. From there, it heads to the radiator where the cooling fan circulates air from outside the car, via the grill, which removes the heat from the coolant itself.

Once the coolant has cooled off, it returns to its holding place until the engine needs to be cooled off again. From there, the cycle repeats until you eventually turn off your car. Without a working cooling fan, the coolant under the hood would be too hot and, by extension, the engine would be at risk of overheating. However, the cooling fan is temperature-controlled and only runs when it is actually needed. This is where problems may begin to arise.

Signs of a Failing Cooling Fan Module

As mentioned, the cooling fan is temperature-controlled. If this system is compromised and the module fails, your vehicle may not be able to notice when it is time for the fan to turn on. This can lead to some obvious signs that can be noticed by you as the driver. Spotting any of these signs should be an indication to take your Volvo in right away:

Warning Light

Similar to the check engine light, most Volvos have a warning light that should turn on if something is wrong with the radiator or coolant under the hood. Any abnormal light that switches on within your vehicle’s dashboard should be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible. If this light turns on, take your car to a shop so that it can be fixed and the light can be turned off.

Overheating Engine

As discussed, if the coolant under the hood is too hot and not being cooled via the circulation of air, your Volvo’s engine may heat up too much as well. If you notice steam or see the engine and coolant temperature not decreasing, it’s best to stop driving as soon as possible so that you don’t damage the engine.

Poor A/C

Your radiators cooling fan also works to provide cool air to you when you turn on the system. If your A/C performance seems to be compromised or working at a lower rate than normal, consider the possibility that something is shorting out with the module.

Volvo Cooling Fan Module Repair

Rowlett Motorwerks For Your Volvo Needs

At Rowlett Motorwerks, we understand the importance of the cooling fan to your Volvo’s overall function. It is our goal to get you back out onto the road as quickly, yet safely, as possible. Your satisfaction will be our guarantee and that’s a fact. We have worked with clients all around Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie, and Rowlett, TX, which means that we can handle any problem thrown our way. Place your trust into the capable hands of our technicians and give us a call if you notice any issues arise with the cooling fan module. Better yet, come on down and see for yourself why we are the best in the business. We look forward to earning your trust and patronage.

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