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Things to Look for if You Suspect an Oxygen Sensor Failure in Your Porsche

Posted on August 19, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
Porsche Oxygen Sensor

As Porsche drivers know, the brand creates luxury performance cars which require a certain level of maintenance to operate at full power. Tools and indicators, such as the oxygen sensor, help your Porsche to run at its full potential.

The O2 sensor takes periodic readings from the vehicle’s exhaust to ensure that the amount of oxygen in the exhaust stream is ideal for efficiency and performance. A working O2 sensor will allow your Porsche to reach higher fuel mileage and prevent harmful emissions by keeping your exhaust as clean as possible.

It is critical to replace oxygen sensors at the recommended intervals (described below) before the sensor fails. However, should your Porsche’s oxygen sensor fail before replacement, this article will discuss some symptoms of sensor failure.

O2 Sensor Replacement and Service Intervals

Most modern O2 sensors with a 3 to 6-wire system (likely if your vehicle is newer than 1996) have a lifespan of up to 100,000 miles. Conversely, sensors with a 1or 2-wire system (likely if your vehicle is older than 1996) typically last 30,000 to 50,000 miles. It is unlikely that your Porsche is running on less than a 4-wire O2 sensor, so you should plan for a replacement nearing every 100,000 miles unless your service provider suggests otherwise.

Signs of a Failing Oxygen Sensor in Porsche

If you think that your oxygen sensor has failed or is failing, you should visit your Porsche service provider as soon as possible. Failure of your Porsche’s oxygen sensor can lead to further damage throughout your vehicle.

There are many signs that can help you to diagnose a failing oxygen sensor which includes:

  • Warning Indicator: If your engine warning light is on, bring it to a service center soon.
  • Hard Start: You may be experiencing hard starts or difficulty with engine This a sign that too much propellant has entered your combustion chamber causing too much pressure in the engine. Hard starts can lead to structural failure in your vehicle or even explosions.
  • Rough Idle: Rough idle is when your vehicle does not feel smooth when sitting still, this may be caused by a change or increase in engine temperature. If you are seeing variations in RPM while your Porsche is idle, this is a sign that you should visit your trusted Porsche service center.
  • Misfires: Your engine can experience misfires. Typically a misfire is the result of incomplete combustion in your Porsche’s engine.
  • Other Symptoms: Your Porsche may accelerate more slowly than normal. You may also notice a significant loss in fuel efficiency and a noticeable increase in emissions levels.

Causes of Oxygen Sensor Failure

There are several reasons why an oxygen sensor may fail prematurely including:

  • external pollutants that have entered the exhaust
  • normal wear and tear
  • neglecting to perform regular maintenance
  • carbon buildup
  • weather, temperature, and environmental conditions
  • using low-quality gasoline
  • the oxygen sensor’s metallic coating becomes eroded

Rowlett Motorwerks Has You Covered

At Rowlett Motorwerks, our mechanics are always committed to quality service and the happiness of our customers. Our Porsche Oxygen Sensor Inspection technicians have decades of experience working with European, Domestic, and Asian vehicles.

We strive to maintain the high standard of performance, safety, and comfort that your Porsche is built to provide. The luxury cars that we service all need custom service and maintenance programs. Our team of certified and trained mechanics makes it easier for you to get the quality service your car needs. Based in Rowlett, we have been the go-to service center for drivers throughout the Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie, and Rowlett areas for years.

Rowlett Motorwerks is committed to making the maintenance and service of your Porsche more convenient and above standard for you, our loyal customer. We offer a wide range of services which include:

  • free diagnostic with repair
  • courtesy shuttle service
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on services and repairs
  • fresh brewed coffee in our comfortable waiting area

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment, which allows our mechanics to provide the most accurate service for your car possible with every visit. If you suspect that your Porsche’s oxygen sensor is damaged, you should bring your vehicle to our technicians for a certified diagnosis and full service. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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