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The Negative Effects of Dirty Transmission Fluid in Your Volkswagen

Posted on August 28, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser
Volkswagen Gear Shift Issues

The transmission in a Volkswagen is known for its reliability and affordability to the common folk. Using high-tech components, it is essential to have your transmission maintained, according to Volkswagen’s recommended maintenance plans.

Transmission fluid is critical to both your transmission’s performance and lifespan. Without regularly-scheduled maintenance performed during its designated times, the fluid in your transmission can become contaminated, losing much of its performance capabilities. Below, we outline some of the negative effects that dirty transmission fluid has on your Volkswagen.

High RPM before shifting

Transmission fluid uses its hydraulic abilities to shift gears within your transmission. When the fluid becomes contaminated and negatively affects the properties of the fluid, it can also affect your Volkswagen’s shifting ability. One sign of this is taking longer to shift gears, which shows itself in higher RPMs and an increase in engine noise before shifting. Usually, the RPM increase is followed by a lunge in your car when the gear is finally forced to engage.

Shuddering Motion

On the same lines as taking longer to shift, your transmission’s dirty fluid may cause your Volkswagen to have a jerking or shuddering motion while your transmission is as you drive. When driving an automatic transmission, we don’t think about how often our car shifts gears. We only operate the gas and brake pedal.

Internally, the transmission is shifting hundreds of times, depending on how far you drive. If you have dirty transmission fluid, each time a shift occurs, it will give a slight shudder to the vehicle. If you continue to operate your car this way, you may end up stripping your gears, resulting in an expensive fix.

High-Pitched Whine

When your transmission fluid is low, you will typically hear a whining noise coming from the unit. The same can happen when your transmission fluid becomes dirty, as the filter system will begin to clog. Once clogged, your Volkswagen will not have the hydraulic pressure to do its job, and the noise may occur.

Overheated Transmission

Your transmission fluid is not only used for its hydraulic properties to shift gears but also to keep your transmission at acceptable operating temperatures. Once contaminated, the cooling abilities of your fluid will be lessened, causing an overheated transmission. Once your transmission overheats, it may actually affect other parts of your vehicle, including its ability to keep the engine cool.

An overheating transmission can cause permanent and costly damage to your car. If you experience overheating, have your Volkswagen’s transmission inspected.

Gears Will Not Shift

Another effect of dirty transmission fluid: You may find yourself not being able to drive over a few miles per hour because your Volkswagen is stuck in second gear. You may press on the gas pedal and nothing happens at all. This occurs when the gears do not have enough pressure to engage. This problem can leave you stranded on the road in need of a tow.

Check Engine Light

Once your transmission is negatively affected by dirty transmission fluid, your Volkswagen may trigger a code to have your engine serviced. Remember, this is not due to the dirty transmission fluid, but from a failing component that the dirty fluid corroded. Something inside your transmission may be in danger when the check engine light comes on.

Make sure to take your Volkswagen to a professional technician for service when any warning indication is triggered before damage can occur.

Failure of Transmission

If left unchecked, contaminated transmission fluid will result in costly repairs as transmission components begin to fail and need replacement. A transmission fluid check and change are much cheaper than a transmission overhaul or replacement. Don’t wait until you have a complete failure before bringing your car to a professional.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If your transmission system clogs due to dirty fluid, you may begin to see signs of leaks under your car. This probably means you have blown some seals or gaskins.

Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Draining

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