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The Leading Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix Vacuum Hose Leaks in a BMW

Posted on July 18, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
BMW Engine Stalling

One common issue found in BMW vehicles are leaks in the vacuum hose. This is not too serious of a problem, but it should be addressed quickly all the same. This article will detail what the vacuum hose is and how to tell when there’s a leak in this part of your car.

The vacuum hose is an important part of your BMW. They are used to transfer vacuum from the intake manifold to whatever part of your car requires vacuum power at the time. The intake manifold is a central part of your car that provides power for other aspects. It distributes combusted air and fuel mixture required for your BMW to fully function.

Vacuum Hose Leak Symptoms

While an engine is running, a vacuum is created inside your car’s cylinders. If the hose fails or an issue with the engine is occurring, you might find that there is a vacuum leak. This type of leak enables extra air to go into the engine, which then disrupts the fuel-to-air ratio.

There are a few common symptoms of a vacuum leak to watch out for in your BMW:

  • Check Engine Light: This is usually the first sign that people notice when something is wrong with your engine. When your car’s internal computer finds a vacuum leak, the check engine light will illuminate. As soon as you notice that this light is on, it’s important to take your car to a technician who can find the problem.
  • Stalling: A lot of the time when there is a problem with your car’s engine, your BMW won’t start at all or stall after starting. This is one of the most alarming symptoms you can encounter and it means something is definitely wrong.
  • Rough Idling: When your engine receives too much air than it actually needs, it can cause your car to idle rougher than usual. This is because your car’s computer is compensating for the extra air that the engine is getting, leading to fluctuating idle speeds.
  • Strange Sounds: If you hear weird noises coming from your car’s engine, like a sucking or hissing noise, there is likely a vacuum leak in your engine. These sounds are not to be ignored, as they indicate a lack of function or break in your engine somewhere.

Vacuum Hose Leak Causes

The most typical cause of a vacuum leak is a damaged or disconnected hose. The heat of your car’s engine, usually around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, can be too hot for the plastic hose and can result in their wearing out over time and miles.

Additionally, the fittings of the hose can break and disconnect the hose. Worn gaskets or seals can also result in a vacuum leak, as they keep in fluids and keep out debris with an airtight seal. However, with increased mileage, they can crack, leading to an air leak.

Essentially, the vacuum hose is connected to a lot of different parts, meaning that if one of these connections fail, it can eventually lead to a leak. In some vehicles, a failed brake booster can cause a vacuum leak as well.

Regular maintenance is the first step in keeping your BMW’s vacuum hose functioning as it should. However, if you do find that your car has a vacuum hose leak, bring your BMW to us for expert diagnostics and repair.

Rowlett Motorwerks for Your BMW

Located off of Grisham drive in Rowlett, Texas, Rowlett Motorwerks is a dedicated and experienced automotive repair shop ready BMW Vacuum Hose Leak Inspection to service your iconic BMW. We help all drivers in the surrounding communities of Rowlett including Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, and Wylie.

Our certified mechanics have decades of experience working with BMW vehicles. You can trust that a friendly technician will take great care of your car while finding and fixing the issue as fast as possible.

In addition to vacuum hose services, we also provide oil changes, preventive care, diagnostic inspections, and more for your prized BMW. If you find yourself with any of the above symptoms of a vacuum hose leak, bring your car to our shop today and experience the Rowlett Motorwerks difference. Call us for a convenient appointment.

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