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The Leading Repair Shop in Rowlett to Fix a Steering Shaft Failure in a Land Rover

Posted on December 31, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
Land Rover Steering Issue

Land Rover has remained popular among drivers for decades because of its comfort as well as unrivaled performance on and off the road. The proper maintenance of the vehicle will no doubt help retain its high performance and ensure longevity. However, the vehicle becomes susceptible to wear and tear due to constant use. One such part that fails over time is the steering shaft.

The steering shaft is an essential component of your Land Rover steering system. It connects the steering wheel to the vehicle wheels. The steering shaft is responsible for transmitting the motion of the steering wheel to the vehicle’s wheels and the subsequent navigation of your car to the direction you steered. The failure of the steering shaft can not go unnoticed because driving becomes strenuous and discomforting.

Symptoms of a Faulty Steering Shaft in Your Land Rover

Since the steering shaft is responsible for transmitting the motion of the steering wheel to the vehicle’s wheels, when the shaft becomes faulty, you may notice the following signs:

  • Clicking or Grinding Sounds While Navigating: If you notice unusual sounds coming from the steering shaft while steering your car, this is a sign that the shaft is faulty. The sounds might include a grinding, clicking, or squeaking sound and can be heard when you make turns. Whenever you notice such a sound, you should contact your service center to have a mechanic inspect the steering shaft to diagnose the issue.
  • The Steering wheel Does Not Return to its Natural Position: The steering wheel is designed to return to its natural position every time you make a turn. When there is an issue with the steering shaft, probably due to a broken gear or blockage in the shaft, the steering wheel may fail to return to the center after you make a turn.
  • Difficulty Steering Your Car: Steering your car should be seamless. However, when there is an issue with your steering shaft, turning the steering wheel may become difficult and require more energy.
  • Your Car Veers to One Side: Apart from having difficulties steering your car, your car may veer to one side while driving if the steering shaft fails. The veering may occur while driving on a straight road or whenever you go over a bump.
  • Steering Tilt Adjustment Failure: The tilt adjustment used to adjust the steering wheel’s position depending on the driver’s preference may cease to work when the steering shaft fails. When the tilt adjustment fails, the steering wheel may drop to the lowest setting on its own, or it may begin to move up and down without activating the adjustment lever.

Whenever you notice any of the signs discussed above, you should immediately take your vehicle for service to have the issue examined.

Causes of Steering Shaft Failure in Your Land Rover

One of the causes of a failed steering shaft can be a broken seal. The steering shaft has sealed needle bearings that keep water out, thereby preventing the grease on the needle from drying up. The consequence of the grease drying up is that the bearings are exposed to moisture leading to corrosion and rusting.

When this happens, the steering shaft will begin to fail, and you may start to notice one or more of the symptoms discussed above. When you notice any of the signs above, bring your vehicle in for service to avoid putting yourself and other road users at risk, as the failure of the steering shaft can sometimes be catastrophic.

Rowlett Motorwerks for Quality Land Rover Repair and Service

The Land Rover engineers always have safety and comfort in mind while designing their vehicles. Land Rover Steering Shaft Repair Finding mechanics you can trust to carry out repairs and service is also crucial to maintaining your safety and comfort.

For drivers throughout the Rowlett area, that means the expert mechanics at Rowlett Motorwerks. Over the years, we have offered complete maintenance and repairs for import, domestic, and European vehicles, including your Land Rover. Our mechanics know these vehicles inside and out and employ factory-grade tools and equipment to ensure accurate service.

Rowlett Motorwerks is located in Rowlett, TX, and we are also the go-to technicians for drivers in Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, and Wylie. Please call or visit our shop today to schedule your next appointment!

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