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Signs that the Clutch is going out in Your Jaguar

Posted on December 1, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser
Jaguar Bad Clutch

Keeping your car in proper working order should be the first priority for any owner of a vehicle as powerful as a Jaguar. There are a number of parts under the hood that work together to bring about the performance you love and any one of those parts going bad can cause deeper issues under the hood. To that end, fixing these problems by trusting a professional service shop should be at the top of your to-do list.

When it comes to parts that can have issues under the hood, few are as important as the clutch. Whether you have a manual or automatic Jaguar, the clutch ties into the transmission system of your vehicle and allows for the shifting of gears whenever necessary. While specifics will be touched on below, any problems with the clutch on your vehicle should be addressed and handled right away so that the problem does not get worse overall.

What does the clutch do?

The clutch is a crucial piece of any vehicle as it allows the vehicle to actually change gears. As it is most well-known and used on manual vehicles, that is how it will be covered here. Specifically, when you press down on the clutch pedal, you are releasing a component that keeps the clutch from switching gears.

When pressed down upon, a hydraulic pump allows the clutch to release which allows your vehicle’s transmission to switch gears. There are four main points of the clutch where potential issues may arise: the cover plate, pressure plate, driven plate, and release bearing. All of these parts work together as you press down on the clutch and allow for the gears to be changed.

As the transmission engages, gears can latch and allow your vehicle to safely switch gears. Automatic vehicles also have a clutch, in some models, but the process is completely automated. However, this automation makes the possibility of problems occurring even stronger.

With this in mind, any problems that arise with your clutch need to be looked at right away. If you are the owner of a Jaguar with a manual transmission, this piece is what connects you to your car directly. Without this component, you are virtually unable to switch gears, even in an automatic vehicle. Waste no time in getting your vehicle into the shop if this is the case for you.

Signs of a Bad Clutch

Fortunately, there are a number of signs to keep an eye out for that will indicate when there is something wrong with the clutch on your vehicle. Watch for any of these common signs and react accordingly by taking your car in whenever the issue arises.

Squealing or Grinding When Clutch is Pressed

If you press down on the clutch and notice a horrible squeaking or grinding noise, there may be a problem with the bearings of your clutch. This is a great indicator that they must be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise more detrimental issues may develop within your clutch.

Spongy Pedal

You know your pedals best and what they should feel like when you push them down. If the clutch pedal begins to feel odd and your shifting seems rougher, consider the possibility that something is wrong under the hood of your vehicle. There’s a number of things that may have gone wrong, but all of them should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Noisy Acceleration

When your clutch isn’t able to maintain a consistent grip on the flywheel, you may notice that the acceleration in your vehicle sounds a lot louder, and not in a good way. In general, differences in sound should not be ignored and are some of the first indicators that something has gone wrong.

Jaguar Clutch Servicing

Rowlett MotorwerksFor Your Jaguar Needs

At Rowlett Motorwerks, we understand how important the clutch is to your Jaguar as a whole. Due to this, we can promise you the best customer service and quality you could hope to receive.

Our experienced technicians have worked with clients all around Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie, and Rowlett, TX for some time, which means they have the skills and knowledge needed to fix whatever issue may arise under the hood. Please give us a call or come on down and see for yourself why we are the best in the business. We look forward to earning your business and patronage.

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