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How to Find the Condition of the Engine Oil of Your Porsche

Posted on February 3, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
Porsche Engine Oil

High-performance vehicles like the Porsche are exhilarating to drive. Unfortunately, when the required maintenance is neglected, the result can be far from exciting. Mechanical issues in cars of this caliber can sometimes be the direct result of not properly maintaining the car’s motor oil.

Think of motor oil for your vehicle as the equivalent to water for the human body. It’s essential for the car’s engine to maintain a certain level in order to run at peak performance. It can be detrimental to the overall life of the vehicle if this is neglected.

Consequently, most drivers don’t realize there is a problem until something malfunctions. Inspecting and frequently monitoring your vehicle’s oil, can prevent some serious issues down the road. There are many functions attributed to motor oil but these are the three main reasons why it’s so important to stay on top of replacing the oil.

Important Functions of Motor Oil

  • Reduce Friction: There are thousands of components in your car’s engine. From the initial starting of the engine, these parts are continuously rubbing against each other. Without the proper lubrication, these will wear down much faster than normal.
  • Clean: Since it’s not practical, nor highly suggested to clean the inside of your engine, motor oil does this job for you. It collects and absorbs contaminates that would otherwise build up on the internal walls. These contaminants will clog up important components and could lead to bad performance. Motor oil counteracts this and eventually removes them via an oil change.
  • Cool: An automobile’s engine works extremely hard to deliver the experience you expect out of it. A high level of heat unregulated within the engine, will cause major problems. Oil is one of the most important factors when preventing overheating.

The Correct Way to Check Your Car’s Oil

Proper oil management consists of knowing where to find and how to read the condition of the engine oil. If you own a newer model of Porsche, you might want some details on how to properly check and change your Porsche’s oil. Those that do have a newer model can do this task without having to access the engine at all, as there is a digital option from the comfort of your car’s cabin.

First, turn on your engine. On the right side of the steering wheel, locate the “Vehicle Folder” with the scroll button. Highlight “Oil Level” and click enter.

After doing this, the oil life should appear on the dashboard as a percentage. Make note of anything that might indicate an oil change is needed. Some red flags to look out for are a low percentage, a high temperature reading, or any warning messages.

If you have an older Porsche model, you will not have the benefit of digitally checking the oil condition from inside your car. You will have to use the conventional dipstick found under the hood.

Be sure your vehicle is turned off and is parked on level ground. Not doing so, could lead to inaccurate readings. Pop the hood using the hood latch. For safety reasons, it’s important that the car has been off for an extended time. This will ensure the oil is cool enough to inspect. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean of oil. Place it back in the tube and remove it once again. Now inspect the oil on the dipstick lines to determine if it is necessary to add more oil.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

To avoid any engine issues in the future, Porsche recommends checking your oil at least once a month and to get an oil change twice a year. At Rowlett Motorwerks, we offer oil change specials daily and will take care of this process for you. You should be focused on enjoying your vehicle, not worrying about the hassle of changing its oil.

Porsche Engine Oil Check

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