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How to Deal with a Glow Plug Timer Relay Failure in a Mercedes

Posted on November 10, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
Mercedes Check Engine Light

Glow plugs in your Mercedes are beneficial for generating the heat and power necessary to keep your engine running. As you can imagine, if your glow plug timer relay fails in your Mercedes, it could mean you’ll have some problems driving it and keeping it running, altogether.

More than likely, you’ll sense an issue with your glow plug timer relay failing if your Mercedes won’t start at all or when you can’t keep it running. Of course, these problems can be indicative of other causes, too, so it will take a professional to be able to narrow down the cause of your concern.

Regardless of when or how you experience a glow plug timer relay failure in your Mercedes, Rowlett Motorwerks is here to help. First, let’s take a look at how you might know your glow plug timer relay is failing in your Mercedes.

How a Glow Plug Timer Relay Works

To understand how to spot potential issues with your glow plug timer relay and its potential failure, you’ll first have to understand how this component operates. Working in high-temperature settings to create a spark through fuel combustion, glow plug timer relays use high pressures and temperatures to ignite the fuel that initiates the performance of your Mercedes motor.

Since glow plugs work under a high level of heat, leaving them unattended when they are malfunctioning for a long period of time can cause additional issues. In addition, if they don’t remain powered for a long enough period of time, they may not generate enough heat to keep your engine going.

Signs That Your Mercedes Glow Plug Timer Relay is Having Problems

When your glow plug timer relay isn’t working properly, you’ll inevitably experience performance issues and engine-related concerns will begin to arise. While anything can cause these problems, an experienced technician will be able to separate other causes from a glow plug timer relay issue. Four main problems you’ll see when your Mercedes’ glow plug timer relay is acting up include:

  • Check Engine Light Illumination: This is an obvious issue with Mercedes models that will need immediate attention. As a sign of a larger problem, any check engine light illumination will need to be looked into by a professional technician.
  • Problems With the Engine Starting: Often mistaken for a battery issue, the glow plug timer relay can fail in a Mercedes and will cause your vehicle to have a rough time starting or remaining running.
  • Experiencing Reduced Power:. Your engine’s performance may gradually be reduced to a point that is concerning enough to have it looked at when a glow plug timer relay is going out.
  • Engine Misfiring: There are many reasons why this may occur with your Mercedes, but a glow plug timer relay issue is a common cause that can easily be overlooked at first.

How to Address a Glow Plug Timer Relay Issue in Your Mercedes

A glow plug timer relay concern is rarely something you can address on your own. It takes Mercedes Glow Plug expertise and professional experience to sense this could be the issue with your Mercedes. When the time comes though, you can count on the professionals at Rowlett Motowerks to spot the problem and take care of the issue in a professional and timely manner. In fact, we offer free diagnostics for your Mercedes to determine, without a doubt, what the problem could be. While you wait for your repair, we also offer free shuttle services to help your life remain as uninterrupted as possible, due to your automotive issues.

Our professionals have served the areas of Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie, and Rowlett, Texas for over 70 years. So, you can rest assured our skilled technicians know exactly what we are doing and have the expertise to back it up. We are so sure of our services and repairs that we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all repairs we make. Over the years, vehicle models have certainly evolved, so we have kept our services modern to assist with your contemporary vehicle needs. From regular oil changes to glow plug timer relay failure, our technicians can assist with any issue you are experiencing in your Mercedes.

So, when your Mercedes needs to be serviced or repaired near the Rowlett, TX area, be sure to call upon the experts at Rowlett Motorwerks. Our number is (469) 910-8087, and our professional and friendly sales staff are waiting to assist you with your Mercedes needs.

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