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How to Deal with a Defective Timing Chain in a Volkswagen

Posted on September 4, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
Volkswagen Check Engine Light

Every vehicle that is manufactured has either a timing chain or a timing belt that makes sure that your vehicle is running as designed. Some models of Volkswagens have had their timing chains fail before the recommended time to replace it. Owner’s may not have been aware of warning signs, so let’s dive deeper into the importance of your VW’s timing chain.

If your timing chain breaks, it could ruin your engine, and then your car will not run. If you think about it, your Volkswagen’s timing chain is like the heart of your vehicle. It makes sure that the engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

When you exercise, your heart beats faster. If you are idle, then it beats slower. As long as your heart is working properly, then your body will respond accordingly. If it isn’t working as it should, then the rest of your body may break down. The timing chain is similar in that it is directly responsible for controlling your VW’s pistons and valves, which are parts of the combustion system that makes your engine run and ensures there is power to the wheels for motion.

The chain makes sure that the pistons and valves operate at peak efficiency whenever you are driving your car. Here is a breakdown of how the timing chain works:

  • A timing chain’s function is to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft.
  • As it synchronizes this rotation, it ensures proper timing, which allows the engine’s valves to open and close during each cylinder’s firing.
  • The timing chain is located inside the engine and needs to be kept lubricated by the manufacturer’s recommended oil viscosity.
  • Therefore, you need to make changing your oil a part of your car care routine. If the chain does not remain properly lubricated, it will not work.
  • Just as an FYI, please note that every time the motor is running, whether the car is moving or idle, the timing chain is doing its job and ensuring the crankshaft and pistons work in an efficient manner.

How to Know if Your Timing Chain is Defective

Now, if your heart is not working correctly, your body will let you know. The same is true for the timing chain in your Volkswagen. Below are some of the signs that your timing chain is defective and not working properly:

  • The engine will run poorly: If your timing chain is failing, then you may notice that when you try to accelerate, you won’t have the same amount of power that you had in the past. If the engine does not remain in calibration, it will cause the chain to miss a gear, and your Volkswagen will not give you the smooth ride you are used to getting.
  • Metal shavings are found in the oil: When you get your manufacturer’s recommended oil change (usually every 3,000-5,000 miles), our mechanics may notice that metal shavings are in the oil. This could signify that the chain is failing and starting to break.
  • The engine rattles when the car is not in motion: A standard rule that every car owner should abide by is that if you hear any rattling or strange noises coming from the engine, you should get it checked out. If you do hear rattling it could be the chain coming loose and if it isn’t repaired, it could fail.
  • Your engine won’t start, or it will stall while you are driving: A no-start condition is another sign that your timing chain is broken. Conversely, if your engine is running when it breaks, the chain could become like a whip inside the engine bay. The pistons and valves cease to work, and the broken belt can cause catastrophic damage to the engine, as it lashes at the parts of your engine at the speed you were going when it broke.
  • Your check engine light comes on: With all of the complicated technology in today’s cars, if your check engine light comes on, it must be diagnosed properly. You want to be proactive and make sure that it isn’t the timing chain. The check engine light in your vehicle is an important indication that something is amiss. Don’t put off an inspection.

What You Can Do If You Have A Defective Timing Chain

Here at Rowlett MotorWerks, our expert mechanics will Volkswagen Timing Chain Inspection diagnose exactly what is wrong with your Volkswagen and make the necessary repairs to your timing chain, allowing you to leave our shop satisfied and confident in your car. With shops in Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, and Wylie, TX, Rowlett MotorWerks offers superior service as well as outstanding customer care. Call us today.

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