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Factors Behind Power Steering Leaks in BMWs

Posted on May 11, 2020 by rowlettmotwpuser
BMW Power Steering Leak

BMWs have earned a positive reputation for being powerful and comfortable to drive. While this is true, they often face issues with power steering fluid leaks. This article will discuss why this happens, what you can expect to happen if your BMW’s power steering leaks, and how to deal with the problem before it gets out of control.

Function of Power Steering Fluid in a BMW

The power steering fluid in the power steering system of your BMW is incredibly important. The power steering system itself gives drivers more control while turning, making the driving experience safer and smoother.

The power steering fluid itself lubricates all parts of the system, keeping it running optimally and allowing you complete control when you need it. Without this fluid, the parts of your power steering system will corrode and sustain damage, causing it to fail entirely over time.

Warning Signs of Power Steering Leaks

If your BMW is experiencing a power steering fluid leak, you will begin to notice some changes in your driving experience that may become more pronounced and alarming over time. It’s important that you note any of these changes and get the issue fixed before it becomes unsafe to get behind the wheel.

The first thing you may hear is a loud whirring or whining noise coming from your BMW. This can happen for several reasons, but it is often a warning that your power steering fluid is low. If the fluid levels are prematurely low, then you know that you are facing an issue with your power steering system.

When you experience a leak of any kind, you should always check underneath your car for any suspicious puddles. Power steering fluid usually presents as an amber red color similar to rust, but it can be dark like oil, depending on whether or not the fluid is dirty.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a power steering leak is a marked decrease in steering performance. It will become more difficult to turn your BMW, which can be dangerous when you need to get out of the way quickly. This happens when your fluid levels are dangerously low. If you are diligent and take note of the more subtle warning signs, you should be able to recognize the issue and have it repaired before this dangerous symptom occurs.

Factors Behind Power Steering Leaks

You know what to look out for now, but it’s also vital that you know why this power steering leak may be happening. This can aid you in preventing the issue from occurring again in the future.

The steering rack or gear housing may have caused a leak if any of the seals have broken or been damaged. The seals are crucial in keeping the power steering fluid where it belongs.

Regular wear and tear or aging can cause leaks because the parts do wear out with regular use. Various parts of your power steering system are susceptible to failure over time. This is inevitable. You just need to catch the issue early when you notice the warning signs and have the parts replaced promptly.

The pressure from the power steering pump can become too much for gaskets and seals in your BMW’s power steering system over time, causing them to crack and wear down. When this happens, it is natural for fluid to leak.

One less-serious and easily-fixable issue that may cause a power steering leak is overfilling the reservoir with fluid. This is a simple mistake that can be prevented in the future by paying careful attention to your fluid levels and adjusting them only as needed.

How to Deal With Power Steering Leaks in Your BMW

If you suspect that your BMW is experiencing a power steering leak, the best course of action is to take your vehicle to a qualified team of automotive specialists as soon as you can. It will need to be inspected and repaired before the leak causes any further damage.

BMW Power Steering Leak Check

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