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Expert Help with ABS Issues in Your Mercedes in Rowlett

Posted on January 18, 2021 by rowlettmotwpuser
Mercedes ABS Light ON

An anti-lock braking system, or ABS system, is an advanced design that comes standard in most Mercedes vehicles. Both your Brake Assist System, or BAS, and your Electronic Stability Program, or ESP, both rely on your anti-lock braking system in order to work properly.

Since your ABS system is one of the most important systems in your Mercedes vehicle, it is imperative that you fix any issues immediately after they arise. Treating any anti-lock brake system problems right away will ensure that both you and your car will be kept safe when on the road.

The Purpose of an ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

The main purpose of an anti-lock braking system is to make sure that a smooth application of brake fluid is applied in order to activate the brakes themselves. When brake fluid is engaged, it activates the brake calipers and the pads in order to slow your car down.

It is important that your car uses your brakes to slow down without locking up the tires. If your ABS is malfunctioning, the wheel speed sensor won’t function properly. The wheel speed sensor communicates the wheel speed to the ECU. So if it isn’t working, this means that your ABS system won’t know how much pressure to safely apply.

The ABS System in Your Mercedes

Most recent modern Mercedes vehicles come equipped with an ABS system. If you’re not sure, however, it’s important to the health of your car that you find out. To figure out if your car has an anti-lock braking system, just follow these few simple steps:

Step 1: Put your key in the ignition.
Step 2: Turn your key to the “start” position.
Step 3: Watch for all the lights on your dashboard to turn on momentarily.
Step 4: If your vehicle has an “ABS” light, you can be certain you have this important system on your model.

The Signs of a Malfunctioning ABS

Unlike a leak or a cooling problem, an anti-lock braking system issue can be a very hazardous and dangerous problem that requires immediate professional attention. The signs of a malfunctioning ABS in your Mercedes include:

  • The ABS Light is On: If you notice that the ABS light is on in your Mercedes when you turn your key to start the car, then your car’s system has already identified that your ABS is malfunctioning.
  • The Brake Pedal is Not Responding: An irresponsible brake pedal can point to the fact that your ABS is working poorly. If you are tapping the breaks and the vehicle is not stopping or slowing down, this could mean that your ABS has issues. Unresponsive brakes are a huge safety concern and the car should not be driven until that concern can be addressed. Rather than driving your Mercedes to be serviced, have it towed instead.
  • You Need to Push Very Hard on Your Brakes: If you notice that you need to push very hard on your brakes, your ABS system is not communicating properly with the BAS or ESP. This is another reason to call a tow truck and head to Rowlett Motorwerks for a diagnosis and repair.
  • Your Brakes are Squeaking: If your brakes are squeaking, pulsating, or making a clicking and grinding noise, it could mean that your ABS module needs to be replaced.
  • Failure or Inaccuracy of your Speedometer: Sudden failure or inaccuracy of your speedometer can mean that your ABS is not communicating properly within your Mercedes vehicle. Your speedometer either reading an extremely high speed or a very low speed will oftentimes be followed up by a check engine light.
  • Your Car Slides Around when the Road is Wet: If your car slides around when the road is wet, it might mean that your ABS is no longer offering traction while steering. This is unsafe in any moist winter conditions including rain, snow, fog, and hail.

How to Avoid ABS Issues in Your Mercedes

Rowlett Motorworks knows how important your anti-lock braking system is to the safety of both you and your family. We also understand that the best way to avoid ABS issues in your Mercedes is to be proactive about doing routine inspections. These inspections, along with knowledge about your vehicle’s braking system, can ensure that you spot the issue as soon as it presents.

The best way to avoid ABS issues in your Mercedes is to:

  • check your brakes often
  • look out for your abs light
  • change your brake pads often
  • change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles
  • take your car to a specialist for routine inspections

At Rowlett Motorwerks, we Mercedes ABS Unit Inspection have been committed to quality service since day one. Our leading European auto repair specialists are knowledgeable and caring, and will take all the time necessary in order to make sure your Mercedes is road-ready and safe as can be. With our free diagnostic with repair offer, courtesy shuttle service, three year or 36,000 mile warranty, and comfortable waiting area, we offer our guests and clients from Garland, Rockwall, Sachse, Wylie, and Rowlett, Texas, reliable service that you can count on. Call us today.

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